What is Smart TV?

Almost all of us have many times used or seen the phrase Smart TV, and upon hearing this term we usually have a clear picture in our mind of how it might look, but how to describe it?

While the older TV’s functioned basing on the availability of the cable signal, their successor’s combine this with various abilities coming from the connection to the internet.

Smart TV’s combine the features of regular TVs and computers, vastly transcending the capabilities of traditional TV’s. With better processors and networking capabilities, modern TVs can now run actual operating systems, access the internet and download apps.

This increases the convenience of its use and allows users to access external services which is a step towards meeting their growing demands.

While the beginnings of Smart TV’s market reach start somewhere around 2015 the idea has been circling for significantly longer. With their obvious additional value to consumers and further improvements being introduced, they have become a staple in almost all these day homes and buying a TV that is not Smart is almost impossible nowadays.

In just a couple of years they have dominated the industry and as new versions develop their popularity will rise even further.

Why is Smart TV app development so desirable?

Its biggest benefits are broadening the client reach and additional sales or advertising channels, for example, offering a shopping app for smart TVs could not only let your customers purchase your products, but also secure you the precious real estate of the smart TV home screen. As a content publisher or creator it makes all the sense in the world to build your own streaming app and try to escape the commissions of the leading streaming platforms (like, e.g. YouTube).
Once you develop and own a Smart TV app you can use it to display ads and monetize your content freely without having to share the revenue with any third party.

Smart TV development company
Smart TV app development for business

Smart TV development for business, who is it for?

As Smart TV has become one of the permanent features of our life and its popularity is growing in a rapid pace, its development would be a suitable option to all who are looking to grow their audience with the use of solutions that are at the top regarding the number of users and its availability to them.

Benefits of Smart TV app development

Smart TV app development benefits

Smart TVs are available globally which correlates with the ever-growing number of their users

Diversifying the company’s offer with new platforms, increasing market presence

new-channel for revenue growth

New channel for revenue growth

Content Acces

Offering a new, convenient way of content access to users

Smart TV app development-operating systems

The industry has many things to offer, including the variety of operating systems the applications can be developed for. The biggest difference is that they are specified for different devices: Tizen for Samsung, WebOS for LG and self-explanatory Android and Apple TV.
Tizen and WebOS are both Linux-based, the first one is open-sourced, meaning that the code is accessible to anyone, and can be viewed, modified and distributed freely, while the other one exactly opposite.

Samsung Smart TV app development

Samsung has become one of the fastest developing and most popular TV manufacturer in the last years with a huge impact on the overall market. The company’s impact has been pushing the industry towards discovering new device capabilities which directly influenced today’s state of Smart TV development.

Our highly skilled developers have extensive experience in delivering Tizen-based apps for Samsung’s Smart TV’s.

Smasung smart tv app development
LG Smart TV app development

LG Smart TV app development

We pride ourselves in our passion for technology which results in our broad spectrum of competencies. BSG’s WebOS development team has built numerous apps for LG’s Smart TV’s from scratch. We base our approach on our years of experience in the industry as well as our ability to combine the newest and most popular trends with the stability of well tested solutions.


Smart TV apps open numerous channels for revenue growth through various monetization methods from ads to subscriptions and other gated content access. We at Better Software Group always advise our clients and help them choose the most beneficial solutions for their projects.

Smart TV app design

Designing a Smart TV app needs a lot of attention to detail in order to ensure a smoothly working and fully functional app.
Due to our front-end focused approach, we keep our utmost attention towards the end product and its functionality as without a properly developed frontend the users cannot appreciate the full extent of the application.

Smart TV app desgin
Certification process of smart tv app

Analytics and measurements integrations

Smart TVs offer a wide variety of analytics tools and reports, but many are available only with a custom implementation.


We meet all Samsung and LG’s requirements and thanks to that we can successfully pass all of the verification process’.

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