Eleven Sports is a modern app for Samsung Smart TV built on Tizen OS using React technology. With our new app, watching sports on TV will be now even more exciting!

Solution: Sports streaming service
Client: Eleven Sports
Platforms: Samsung TV
Release date: 2021

Eleven sport app

About Eleven

ELEVEN serves fans with over 65,000 hours of live sport each year, in addition to a slate of original programming. ELEVEN´s rights portfolio includes the UEFA Champions League, Premier League, LaLiga, Bundesliga, Serie A, F1, NBA, NFL, Ligue 1 and domestic rights to the Pro League in Belgium.

ELEVENS’s global streaming platform www.elevensports.com delivers thousands of hours of niche-premium and longtail live sport to fans around the world.

Project goal

The goal of the project was to deliver an application for Samsung Smart TVs to our client. The app allows users to watch live and on-demand sports events from all over the world.

Roles in the project

ELEVEN – Provides the graphic design and the API.

Better Software Group
– Responsible for the frontend of the application.
Two frontend developers, a project manager, and a quality tester were involved in ELEVEN’s project.

General problem

The biggest challenges that we faced were the differences between various versions of Tizen OS. Our developers had to be attentive to details while programming the application to allow it to run smoothly on Samsung Smart TV models produced over several years. In order to reach the broadest possible audience, ELEVEN wanted the application to work on as many versions of Tizen’s technology as possible. The earliest version of Tizen the client wanted the application to run on was version 3.0, with 6.5 being the latest. Ultimately version 4.0 and above was supported.

Another problem arose with live streaming videos and platform analytics. Managing the integration with ELEVEN’s API interface was not the most straightforward of tasks, but after a few attempts and focusing on better understanding the backend, it was delivered successfully.
The platform analytics module collects event data through the application, which is helpful with finding bugs.

These statistics are key to drawing conclusions and making future improvements to continually provide the best possible user experience.

What we have learned

– How to provide an application from planning, through implementation and tests, to Samsung certification.
– Better understanding of app development on older versions of Tizen.


Our cooperation with ELEVEN ran without encountering any problems that we weren’t equipped to deal with internally. We’ve previously worked together on other projects, so we knew we had the in-house capability to find solutions without needing to consider external support.

After implementing the project guidelines and understanding their needs, we were able to provide a modern application with a great interface and functionalities in a short period of time. Users can now enjoy and experience their favourite content in a much more engaging and improved environment than before. The login process that allows users to gain access to the application is delivered via a unique code system. After logging in, it allows them to watch live and on-demand events from all over the world, together with showing events currently scheduled on the platform. Additionally, they can use a search engine that helps them find their favourite events and more.

Using the analytics panel integrated with the platform, business analysts can draw conclusions about improving the application and study users’ behavior.

Football is the world’s most popular sport, and we’re happy to have worked on a project which significantly improved the typical fan experience in consuming live and on-demand content, by ensuring they are able to watch how and when they want to watch!