OTT Streaming Platform for Set-Top-Boxes and Smart TVs

An OTT streaming platform for various set-top boxes distributed all over the world.

Solution: OTT streaming platform
Platforms: Xbox, Playstation, Smart TV (LG, Samsung), SKY Q devices, Telenor, Comcast, BT Youview+, Claro
Release date: 2023

Ott Streaming Platform
Ott Streaming Platform

About our client

Our client is a distributor of high-quality, non-fiction content.

With an aim to inspire and inform, our client reaches more than 81 million people globally, it is the leading provider of real-life entertainment.

Project goal

The project’s general objective was to create an OTT streaming platform for various set-top boxes distributed worldwide.

The project was already underway when we joined, so we focused primarily on developing the app for the new devices, maintenance, and further front-end advancement.

Ott Streaming Platform
Ott Streaming Platform


In addition to debugging the system code, we had to program on devices we didn’t physically own during the project To overcome that challenge, we researched what type of engine is under the device for which we developed the application.

We found out that the set-top-boxes we worked with usually run on the Chromium/WebKit Software. So we sourced these web engines on our computers.

What we have learned

First, our Java Script debugging process became super seamless. Second, because optimization of software in set-top boxes was a top priority (due to the low RAM of the devices), we learned how to make our Java Script code as efficient as possible.


The application is now distributed in Spain, Germany, Italy, Austria, the UK, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Brazil, the United States, and Canada.

App’s features include as follows:

  • Debugged and highly optimized code, so there are no more memory leaks in the system,
  • Samsung background service with the Preview RAY,
  • Electronic Programming Guide (EPG),
  • Customized login journeys for users from different countries,
  • Garbage collector that automatically removes unnecessary items like DOM nodes,
  • OneTrust software.

We also implemented canvas with the usage of WebGL technology and we performed refactoring – so now the app works much faster on dedicated devices.

Ott Streaming Platform