Roku Streaming Platform

We created an OTT platform on Roku for a Canadian telecommunications and media company.

What: Video Streaming App
Platforms: Roku
Release date: 2023

Roku Streaming Platform
Roku Streaming Platform

About our client

The following project was created for a Canadian telecommunications and media company. Their user network is constantly expanding. With an OTT app already available for Apple TV, Samsung TV, and Fire TV, the client wanted it to be available on Roku as well. 

Project goal

We had to develop a Roku application that operates on a freemium model with the possibility of broadening the range of programs through subscription 

Roles in the project

Better Software Group – building the Front-End application components from scratch 

Client’s company – delivering API

Roku Streaming Platform
Roku Streaming Platform


The documentation we received at the beginning of the development process did not include an extensive description of app functionalities.

It was challenging, though we had to carry out broad research on our own in order to figure out how some app components communicate with different platforms 


In result, we created Roku app, where users can watch movies, series, live channels and replay some programs up to a few days back. The solution includes an option to record favorite TV shows, and launch Electronic Program Guide, where users can quickly check the scheduling information for current and upcoming broadcast programming. 

What we have learned

As a result, we learned how to anticipate different scenarios in a limited amount of time. A lot of tasks had to be completed simultaneously, and we had to constantly challenge ourselves to come up with new solutions and manage them in an effective manner. Our preparedness for the unexpected has improved during executing this project.

Roku Streaming Platform