Customized News & Sports Roku Channel

We developed a custom Roku app that allows users to watch news, events, live reportages, check the weather, and listen to podcasts.

Solution: Video streaming app
Platforms: Roku
Release date: 2023

Customized News And Sports Roku Channel
Customized News And Sports Roku Channel

About our client

Our client is a United States-based corporation with more than 30 hyperlocal 24/7 news and sports networks. In order to reach and engage more people about local issues and events, the company wanted to distribute its content via Roku platform.

To make this happen, they needed a dedicated application.

Project goal

The goal of the cooperation was to create a comprehensive video solution for Roku that allows watching live news, reports, and pre-recorded content. 

Roles in the project

Better Software Group – building the Front-End application components from scratch. 

Partner company – delivering development (starter) kit. 

Client’s company – delivering the Back-End of the application. 

Customized News And Sports Roku Channel
Customized News And Sports Roku Channel


Our team had to incorporate new functionalities (Text-to-Speech and Voice Control) that were new to the market at the time. That was the biggest challenge.

As a result of our agile approach and ability to learn quickly, we were able to introduce these components and expand them in a seamless manner. 


As a result, we created a customized Roku app for watching the news, local events, and live reportages, with a module to check the weather and listen to podcasts. In the app, we also introduced a function that adjusts the content based on ZIP code, so users can always stay up-to-date on relevant news in their area.

What we have learned

The project itself was dynamic and quite changeable. We had to plan our activities effectively in time as we often received changes and new requirements from the client. As a result of this project, we have certainly become more adept at working at a fast pace. 

Customized News And Sports Roku Channel