Innovative Deep AR and Lightning Solutions for Broadcasting

In this multi-case study, we present Deep AR and Lightning solutions for Smart TV platforms from a leading UK broadcaster and telecommunications company, focusing on innovation, customization and scalability.

Client: A leading British broadcaster and telecommunications company
Platforms: Smart TV
Release date: 2021 – ongoing

About our client

The client is a leading British broadcaster and telecommunications company known for its comprehensive service offering. These services include television broadcasting, broadband Internet provision, and both fixed-line and mobile telephone services catering to consumers and businesses alike.

Project goals

Throughout these projects, our primary objectives were to: 

  • Innovate with technologies such as Deep AR and lightning technology; 
  • Provide solutions tailored specifically to the client’s requirements; 
  • Enhance data collection processes for optimal efficiency; 
  • Ensure compatibility across platforms for widespread accessibility; 
  • Leverage cloud services, particularly AWS, for scalability.

Solution 1: Videobooth

We developed an innovative mobile app that uses Deep AR technology to revolutionize content creation. Thanks to it, users can apply captivating AR effects to their videos. Content can be easily uploaded to a server and accessed for 15 minutes via QR codes, ready to be shared on popular social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Our solution goes beyond the app and includes several smaller applications, including a Content Management System (CMS) for AR filter management, all running seamlessly on AWS.

Solution 2: Play Experience

We crafted a fascinating app using augmented reality (AR). This app transports users into an immersive world where they can dance to choreographed routines superimposed onto videos. The experience is multi-layered, beginning with the primary video, followed by the user’s layer where they dance, and culminating in an overlay layer with additional effects, delivering a captivating experience.

Solution 3: Video Collection

To streamline the collection of training materials for AI models, we developed a user-friendly camcorder application. This app empowers users to record short videos by following on-screen instructions and instantly uploading them to the server.

Solution 4: Co-watching

For the client’s commercially available TV devices, we conceptualized and brought to life an event-sharing and co-watching app. This innovative solution enables users to create shareable rooms, accessible via unique codes. In these rooms, viewers can collectively select and enjoy content, enhanced by social camera and voice functionalities. Our solution incorporated Lightning technology and AWS for efficient room management, complemented by Android and web versions for camera control and connection testing.

Solution 5: Camera Library

Recognizing the need for seamless communication between the client’s camera and recording technology, we designed a specialized library. This library cates to the unique requirements of Deep AR mechanisms, facilitating the effortless integration of AR effects into content generated using the client’s camera technology.

Solution 6: Special Remote Control

We embarked on the development of a sophisticated desktop app, utilizing Flutter technology. This app acts as an all-in-one remote control hub, seamlessly connecting with the client’s proprietary Deep AR camera technology. Among its numerous features are remote control functions, log reading capabilities, device settings management, and the ability to manage installed applications on the device.

What we have learned

In the process of working with our esteemed client, we have gained valuable insights and experiences. These insights are not only applicable to this specific project but also provide a broader perspective on the evolving landscape of media and technology integration. 

Innovation remains at the forefront of any successful project. Technologies such as Deep AR and Lightning are transforming the way we engage with content, and staying at the cutting edge of these innovations is crucial to meeting the demands of today’s tech-savvy audiences.  

Tailoring our solutions to meet the unique requirements of the client proved to be highly effective. Customizing applications and tools to align with their specific needs allowed us to create a more seamless and user-friendly experience. 

Leveraging cloud services, particularly AWS, has proven to be a game-changer in terms of scalability and flexibility. Cloud-based solutions enable us to adapt to evolving demands and provide a more robust infrastructure for our applications.