TV 2 Play App

TV 2 Play provides live streaming of TV 2’s linear channels, rental movies, international and Norwegian TV shows, news and live sports.

Solution: VOD app
Client: TV 2 – Norwegian TV
Platforms: Android, Android TV, iOS, tvOS, Web
Release date: 2019

A web and mobile app for Norwegian TV

About TV 2

The main TV 2 channel is the second largest in Norway, and the largest privately founded channel. In addition to the main channel, TV 2 has a broad offer with several genre-based channels, adapted to different areas of interest.

In their offer, the company has TV 2 Play which is a natural extension of TV 2’s linear offering with exclusive content and access to TV 2’s archive. Additionally, customers can enjoy which delivers news on the Internet for free throughout the day and is one of the country’s largest websites.

Project goal

TV 2 found themselves in a need of speeding up the development process of TV 2 Play app to meet their business goals. Without sufficient resources in-house they needed to find a partner who would provide them with additional hands to finish-up the project.

After initial talks and meetings, the cooperation felt like a good fit. This was strongly confirmed after the workshop we had to even better understand how we’re going to approach the project. Better Software Group build a dedicated team of highly skilled Software Developers who were to work alongside TV 2’s own Development Team.

Roles in the project

BSG role

Clients role

TV 2 Play App
TV 2 Play case study

General problem

With the growing demand for OTT Platforms delivering VOD & live content to the viewers available on multiple devices, TV 2 Play app is an important product for the broadcaster. The cooperation started in 2018. Better Software Group’s involvement was initially focused on development of the web app. Our team started working along side TV 2’s Developers acting as one team with daily meetings and regular sync calls. While moving forward with the project successfully, TV 2 decided to involve us in mobile development of TV 2 Play as well. We assigned iOS and Android developers to work on the application.

Total of ten people were assigned to this particular project (we have executed two more with TV 2, Nyhetene and Sporten), the team consisted of Android Developer, 4 iOS Developers, 2 Web Developers, 2 QA Engineers (automated and manual), and Project Manager.

What we have learned

On this project our team worked along with TV 2 Play software development team. It is always a great experience for our specialists to work closely with client’s team. Thanks to that we can learn the Scandinavian way of working, their business ethics and can better understand each other what later results in delivering an even better final product.

The project had to be executed in a strict timeline given the business goals of TV 2 at the same time keeping the high quality of the end product. We were able to help speed up the delivery and release the application on time accordingly to customer’s requirements.


Together with TV 2 we built TV 2 Play apps for Android, Android TV, iOS, tvOS, and web. Better Software Group was involved in development of a variety of features, such as EPG, user profiles, content download (offline mode) and player features.

The apps were developed with the use of:
Kotlin, Kotlinx, MVVM, RxJava for Android,
Objective-C, Swift, RxSwift, MVVM, Coordinators for iOS,
TVML, Swift, RxSwift, MVVM, Coordinators for tvOS,
and JavaScript, React for Web.

Source: TV 2 Play Clutch review

TV 2 Play app