Immersive VR Experiences in the Media & Entertainment Industry

In this article, we explore some of the most mesmerizing VR experiences that are revolutionising the entertainment industry. From fully immersive…

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Meet our CEO’s at NAB in Las Vegas

We are thrilled to announce that Better Software Group will be present at NAB, one of the most influencial events for global media industry.

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How content creators and influencers can benefit from their own streaming solutions

With platforms like TikTok or Youtube offering low monetization rates, many reach for a more profitable option, building their own applications. So…

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“Partnership is like marriage” – interview with Konrad Weiske, the CEO and Co-Founder of Spyrosoft on the merger with Better Software Group

After 10 months into the partnership between Better Software Group and Spyrosoft , we talk with Konrad Weiske, the CEO and Co-Founder of Spyrosoft…

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From Production to Playback: How AI is Transforming the Video Streaming Industry

Explore how AI is improving the production process for creators, and enhancing the streaming experience for users all over the world.

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The ultimate guide to OTT content monetization in 2023

Check out the most profitable OTT content monetization models o stay on top of the news of 2023 in the media and content industry.

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Top Five Streaming Conferences You Must Attend This Year

Attending streaming events is a great way to learn about trends and meet people from the industry. Here are the top five definately worth…

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The Future of OTT – Trends to Watch Out For in 2023

The OTT industry is rapidly changing. Stay informed and check these seven trends to watch for in the upcoming months.

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Better Software Group and Skylark close 2022 by broadening their scopes through a freshly established partnership

The companies are entering a new chapter by bringing the force of their combined offerings to the media and entertainment industry.

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Smart TV, Roku and Chromecast explained

Smart TV, Roku and Chromecast Explained

Ever wondered what's the difference between Smart TV, Roku, and Chromecast? We've got you covered!

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Better Software Group and Red Bee Media launch a streaming service for Nordisk Film

Red Bee Media and Better Software Group are to launch Danish entertainment company Nordisk Film's new streaming service, Nordisk Film+.

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Multiplatform apps – how to make the best of what you have

Is going multiplatform the superior choice? And what should be done to make it successful? See how you can reach all the audiences.

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Why strategic partnerships are crucial for OTT solution success

Why strategic partnerships are crucial for OTT/VOD solution success

A strategic network is being built among media and entertainment service providers. Does it advance the process of solution creation?

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What are engagement models?

Engagement models explained – choose the one that fits you

Engagement models may need a lot of research so we have prepared a short introduction to the topic to help you grasp all of the most important…

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OTT app creation

OTT app creation – how to deliver amazing viewing experiences

It is easy to fall for the branding and advertising so let’s dive into crucial topics for delivering exquisite viewing experiences with every OTT…

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