Wrocław, Poland – April 12, 2024Spyrosoft BSG, a leading provider of media and video solutions, is thrilled to announce the expansion of its offerings to include AI-powered solutions tailored specifically to the media industry.  

As an integral part of the Spyrosoft Group, Spyrosoft BSG has direct access to a diverse team of Artificial Intelligence experts specializing in computer vision, natural language processing, machine learning, data science, and recommendation engines. Leveraging their expertise, Spyrosoft BSG presents new AI offerings which are set to redefine the lifecycle of media content — from conception to post-production to consumption. 

According to the company’s experts, AI algorithms can predict trends, suggest content themes, and forecast viewer preferences, enabling smarter planning and decision-making at the earliest stages of content development. Furthermore, AI can support the post-production process, distribute and archive content, or help with copyright management.  

A standout example of these initiatives is a recent partnership between the company and a leading sports broadcasting pioneer. Through this partnership, experts at Spyrosoft BSG have developed a solution that allows real-time metadata extraction, along with advanced automatic tagging and transcription features. In addition, the solution is capable of tracking objects, people and locations, among other features. 

By analyzing vast amounts of data on audience behavior and preferences, artificial intelligence enables the creation of highly targeted marketing campaigns. AI-based analytics can identify optimal channels and times for campaign delivery, maximizing visibility and engagement. Moreover, AI can be used to better target advertisements, ensuring that advertisements are not only seen by the largest possible audience, but also by the most relevant one. This precise targeting improves the effectiveness of advertisements and increases the return on investment (ROI) for advertisers.  

Artificial intelligence algorithms also optimize the placement of advertisements in content, ensuring that they are non-invasive and contextually relevant, thereby enhancing the viewer experience. The power of artificial intelligence extends into the analytics domain, providing unprecedented insights into content performance and audience behavior. Analytics solutions use machine learning algorithms to analyze complex data sets, revealing patterns and trends that would not otherwise be discernible. 

These examples highlight just a small portion of AI’s potential in the media industry. Spyrosoft BSG’s AI solutions aim to solve these and more challenges, expanding the limits of what’s achievable and leading the way in media innovation. 

bart lozia

CEO of Spyrosoft BSG, Bart Lozia, commented:

The days of experimentation with AI in media are over. We’ve entered a new era where these technologies are demonstrably changing the game. By personalizing content experiences with the help of AI, media organizations can resonate more deeply with their audiences and reduce churn rate. We’re excited to be a part of this transformation, equipping media organizations with the tools they need to succeed.

Spyrosoft BSG representatives will be present at the upcoming NAB Show 2024 in Las Vegas. Interested parties are encouraged to book a meeting with BSG experts to learn more about innovative AI solutions for the media industry.

About Spyrosoft BSG
With 13 years of experience, Spyrosoft BSG (formerly Better Software Group) is revolutionizing digital media consumption by offering intuitive solutions tailored to the needs of content distributors such as broadcasters, media agencies, telecommunications companies and sports organizations. Their holistic approach includes expert consultation, rapid team building, video and media development and ongoing support, combined into a seamless service that prioritizes user-friendly interfaces and efficient, innovative results.