Resolving staffing issues

The biggest problem of quickly developing companies is the business scaling and searching for appropriate specialists of which there is a market shortage. We are able to quickly deliver the lacking experts and developers specialized in various technologies proven in commercial projects.

On the other hand, choosing staff augmentation/body leasing for your project allows you to keep flexibility and be able to quickly react to any changes without the possibility of problems related to otherwise occurring necessity of establishing a more permanent solution like employer contracts.

What is staff augumentation?

What is staff augmentation?

It is a frequently used term but it is best to discuss what it exactly entails. Staff augmentation is an outsourcing service which main purpose is temporarily supplementing the company’s in-house team with externally sourced specialists bringing in their abilities and expertise.

This solution enables the owner to quickly fill in the staffing gaps for a required period while sparing the resources and time otherwise spent on the hiring process.

Our Experience – industry challengesand how we help in solving them

It is widely known that the IT industry is at the top regarding the fastest development, but we usually do not think about the challenges that often occur. Fortunately, options like staff augmentation and outsourcing come to the rescue when it comes to many aspects of that field.

In Better Software Group we mainly outsource our team to West Europe and North America where the problem of the lack of access to specialized developers in the market happens frequently. We supply companies with specialists with different advancement levels: Junior, Mid, or Senior and can match them to projects accordingly to the client’s needs and requirements.

Our developers

It is worth noting that Polish developers are often well reported on and have a shared good opinion in the industry, moreover, they are highly communicative thanks to their advancement in the English language.

Our developers, some of which have been associated with our company for over five years, are constantly looking to improve their skills, acquire additional knowledge or undergo supplementary training in order to be on top of the newest trends.

At the beginning of their career at BSG, they undergo our program – the VOD Development Academy and many of them take advantage of the English lessons organized by our company.

The academy allows them to be quickly integrated into commercial projects and as we cooperate with international companies and enterprises they are well acquainted with the organizational customs of our western partners; they quickly adjust to new situations which eliminates the possibility of communicational issues deriving from cultural differences.

Learn more about the VOD Academy

We keep it clean

We supervise the situation in each project by keeping regular contact with our crew, gathering feedback, and if necessary, advising and helping in resolving any issues. We know how meaningful the relationship-building is and we value its positive impact on the overall workflow so we make sure that our developers are well integrated with the client’s team and on occasion organize visits between our companies so that the people working together can meet in person and get to know each other which greatly improves our overall synergy.

Our vast portfolio comprising of high-profile projects and cooperation’s with major, well-known companies is the proof of our many years of experience in the industry. Our highly skilled team has a broad spectrum of abilities and skills in various technologies. Better Software Group has been present in the market for over 11 years and we put our expertise into good use with each and every project we create or participate in.

Our customers and partners

When to use staff augmentationand why should you choose this solution?

Staff augmentation, otherwise known as outsourcing or body leasing is a perfect choice for anyone who is looking to quickly fill the skill shortages in the company or a project team. It can be applied to all types of projects and tasks and be conducted with the involvement of various specialists with different abilities chosen in accordance with the end solution or product.

  • Speeding up the time-to-market of the solution/product/service.
  • Reducing operating costs.
  • Additional time for different business development without the need to worry about the staffing routine and its obligations
  • Upfront cost, time and engagement transparency.
  • Any number of easily accessible, skilled and market-proven professionals.
  • The opportunity to test-out the benefits of such specialist/s on board.
  • Maintaining oversight and control.
  • Increase in overall flexibility.

Main technologies & platforms

Our skillset is mainly concentrated around frontend applications but we also have several experts devoted to creating and integrating backend solutions. We operate in the realm of different technologies like React, .Net, Kotlin, Swift, Flutter, React Native, Bright Script, Java Script for numerous platforms:

Staff augmentation for business,who is it for?

all looking for already trained and proven
individuals or team

anyone with a time-sensitive project/s that require additional resources

companies looking to reduce operational
and recruitment costs

anyone who wants to focus on the business agenda but doesn’t want to take shortcuts in the quality of the project

enterprises looking to test the waters with a bigger team

the ones searching for rarely encountered
skills and expertise in niche areas

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