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VOD Development Academy

What is it?

The VOD Development Academy was created in order to share our knowledge with others and help them succeed in their pursuit of a new career path. Its main purpose is to educate developers who are looking to acquire new application development skills in the video/OTT industry for various platforms.

We made the adaptation process comprehensive, coherent and clear so that it would be easy to absorb even by the ones that are less experienced.


4 weeks

Tasks done


VOD Academy in 2 steps!

Lasts one week and ends with an evaluation, a form of summary regarding the acquired knowledge and possible potential.

The participants receive feedback with an explanation of their strong points as well as the ones that still have to be addressed and need some improvements – on that basis they can evaluate their progress. Afterwards we help them choose the direction of their further professional development. 

Consists of 80% theoretical knowledge.

The participants acquire the specific to the industry tools and skills needed for practical activities.

Since that is the first part of the process, each participant specializes in one technology which ensures a smooth starting point.

Lasts 3 weeks (depending on the stage of advancement, a person with more experience can many times move on to a commercial project faster than the process anticipates)

The focus lays on the practical skills and abilities, and for that reason the participants work with the code for the most time

At this stage, we concentrate on architectural solutions. We examine the level of creativity in the projects’ realizations in various contexts.

The step ends with a summary of the whole process and the participants understanding of the projects.

After completing the Academy the participants can join our internal project or start working on the commercial one.

VOD development academy leader

Meet the Academy Leader

Krzysztof Musiał

With over 20 years of professional experience, our CTO Krzysztof is not only the Head of Technology at Better Software Group but also makes sure that every new joiner is taken care of and is personally involved with their onboarding process. He is the one responsible for managing projects for our strategic partners or clients and developing our technology strategy. His free time, Krzysztof likes to spend on his motorbike. 

The benefits of our VOD Development Academy

Working alongside and gaining knowledge from highly experienced specialists.

Learning how to program the application navigation system, which varies greatly from the web and mobile versions

Learning concrete and complex problem solutions gathered through many practice hours like certification, payment gates, front-end programming with best UX practice etc.

An opportunity to become a specialist in a fast growing VOD/OTT industry with a huge demand for developers

A chance to learn how to manage set-top boxes.

Expanding your portfolio with new skills, projects, skills and programming areas.

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