After a full year of anticipation, we are returning to RAI Amsterdam for the annual IBC – International Broadcasting Convention. From the 15th to 19th of September, our team will be present at one of the most significant and influential events in our industry of media and entertainment.

BSG Stand: 5.D39
RAI Amsterdam
15 – 18 September 2023

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    The time since the last IBC show has been eventful for our organization, and we are coming to the convention with excitement and fresh minds full of ideas. As specialists in the field of media with over 40 million satisfied users of our solutions, we offer a unique customer-oriented perspective for creative processes.

    From consulting services, integrative and implementation activities and multiplatform solutions to on-demand specialists ready to tackle any project, we are able to extensively care for any task that will fulfill the needs of customers.

    🎯 Expand video solution reach – Create a diverse multidimensional media front and accommodate all devices and platforms from Connected TV to more specialty fields like Roku or HbbTV.

    ⚙️ Utilize the power of integrations – Design a limitless environment with integrative features like analytics, players, recommendation, payment systems or other external services.

    🖥 Build your streaming solution in no time – Create a white-label OTT platform of your dreams in only 3 weeks. Cater to all industries from sports, events, local broadcasting, podcasting, education and more. Utilize it the way you like it, no technical knowledge required.

    📈 Discover new revenue streams – Get the most out of what you already have with options targeted to your audience including access fees, subscriptions, FAST, AVOD and much more.

    💡 Foster innovation within your platform – Embrace numerous possibilities that will help you enhance the experiences of users and design the most captivating content environment.

    Our presence at the event, as always, brings with it a promise of utilizing our constant engagement in bettering the world of media to help others. To guide them through an array of possibilities for their ideas and projects in order to achieve exquisite user experiences and the most beneficial outcomes.

    Let’s meet at IBC. Let’s discover new ventures and paths for our businesses. Let’s take this opportunity to grow.

    Fill out the form above and schedule an appointment with our specialists or just visit Better Software Group’s stand 5.D39. We are happy to connect and make new acquaintances!