We are in the era of creators fighting for the attention of the audience after the all-time high, we experienced in the last years while secluded in our houses. With platforms like TikTok or Youtube offering low monetization rates, many reach for a more profitable option, building their own applications. So the question is, what are the greatest benefits of a streaming solution for content creators and influencers? Let’s find out.

How much content creators make and how to increase that number with the use of a streaming solution

While relying on broadly available and free platforms may sound promising, many entrepreneurs find themselves at crossroads. On one hand, they make some buck by sharing their content there. On the other, it is not as much as they would hope it to be for the value of the production.  The monetization rates wary depending on the app. According to the survey conducted by Influencer Marketing Hub over 35% of the creators have been building their accounts for over four years and earn over $50k annually. Many take the leap and invest in their own platform. It opens their business up to new opportunities and benefits including higher monetary gain.

What is content monetization

Making a profit from what you create and are passionate about is the ultimate goal of many content creators. The action of generating revenue by providing access and sharing materials is what we call content monetization. There are plenty of options for how the generated numbers are turned into revenue. From subscriptions and ads up to pay-per-views and renting. There are many possibilities and you can choose the one or even utilize multiple that fit your current needs best. That’s another broad topic which we covered on our blog. You can go ahead and read more about content monetization options in our other article.

Branding Freedom

Digital creators are used to choosing their own paths and sharing creations on their terms. Is there a thing that speaks more for that principle than creating an Internet space that is truly yours? A cohesive and personalized branding will make the solution instantly recognizable and create a permanent connection in the users’ minds.

Greater audience reach

Web, Mobile, Android, iOS, Smart TV, Set-top-boxes, there ae numerous means currently in use. With your own streaming solution anything you imagine is possible. You can mix and match and add new platforms in the future up to your desire. The accessibility regarding different devices greatly increases the possibility of encouraging more viewers into trying out and using the solution. It prevents the initial difficulty that they have to overcome. After all ,we all know that the interest of the audience is hard to achieve and easy to lose.

Content Ownership an restrictions

The biggest problem with free-to-use platforms is that in order to create an account you have to agree that your content from now on is partially or even fully owned by another entity and they can deal with it as they please. Not to mention the preventative restrictions input into the terms and conditions. There’s also the dispute about the abuse of rights regarding fair use. An own streaming solution for content creators is the ultimate way to omit these obstacles.

Automatization and reliability

Although now it is possible to partially set the platform to perform simple tasks for you, like setting up a calendar for future releases to happen automatically, the possibilities are pretty limited. When opting for more advanced options, there is nothing you can do other than using some external programs that are most often finnicky. If you want to discover the ease of automatization there is no better way than development of an app that is truly yours so you can choose what you need and how you want the components to behave.

Custom analytics

Each content creator sets up a strategy for their next moves and appearance. Most will base on the data gathered from the performance of their previous releases. A thorough analysis is the thing that can help you get the competitive advantage and set up and deliver materials that are most in tune with your audiences taste and are delivered at a convenient time. Fortunately a properly developed analytic system will save you time and bring you all the data that you may need. You may not even be aware what can be achieved when you have all the knowledge.

But what if custom development costs too much? Go with white-label

We know that custom development is a huge investment, if you don’t want to spend so much of your hard earned resources there is still a great option for you on the market. A perfect own streaming solution for content creators, white-label . While it is more cost efficient and quicker in delivery it can be the answer for all your needs. Off-the-shelf solutions are designed from ready-made components which there are plenty of. As Better Software Group we also offer additional customization to the product, most optimal for all content creators, so you can personalize it the way you like it without going full custom and while maintaining all the benefits of white-label.