Green streaming development

Green streaming: a guide to sustainable development

The media industry is taking steps to set sustainable development standards. Learn how to implement eco-friendly practices in your businness.

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LightningJS takes the development world by storm, but why?

The pursuit of discovering new, powerful tools lead to the rise of Lightning JS. What are the benefits of this popular TV app framework?

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Signs of outdated frontend part 2: More red flags

Old practices may get in the way of the success of your solution. Lear the top signs of outdated frontend in our second take on this topic.

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Top signs of outdated frontend that needs an upgrade

It doesn’t take much time fall behind in the software realm. Let’s dive into the signs that your frontend is outdated and behind the times.

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Netflix is Changing its Password Sharing Policy. What About Other Streaming Services?

Netflix plans to crack down on password-sharing among U.S. subscribers this summer, but what about other streaming services?

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How Social Media Impacts OTT Industry

Social media is indeed a perfect place to market over-the-top (OTT) platforms. In this article, we will delve into the impact that social media has on the growth of the video industry.

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Immersive VR Experiences in the Media & Entertainment Industry

In this article, we explore some of the most mesmerizing VR experiences that are revolutionising the entertainment industry. From fully immersive sensory pods to stunning nature documentaries and volumetric movies, we dive into the latest innovations in VR technology.

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How content creators and influencers can benefit from their own streaming solutions

With platforms like TikTok or Youtube offering low monetization rates, many reach for a more profitable option, building their own applications. So the question is, what are the greatest benefits of streaming solutions for content creators and influencers?

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From Production to Playback: How AI is Transforming the Video Streaming Industry

Explore how AI is improving the production process for creators, and enhancing the streaming experience for users all over the world.

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The ultimate guide to OTT content monetization in 2023

Check out the most profitable OTT content monetization models o stay on top of the news of 2023 in the media and content industry.

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