Canal Digital AS is the leading satellite TV distributor in the Nordics, serving close to 900.000 households in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. The service portfolio comprises more than 130 linear TV channels distributed over satellite as well as an interactive streaming service delivered over the internet. We use modern technology and have a pragmatic attitude towards utilizing new technology, standards, and tools/framework. We are focusing on open-source solutions combined with solutions from market-leading vendors.

The company has a strong HD position (was among the first to launch the cutting-edge broadcast technology during the FIFA World Championship June 2006) and presented 3D-content already in 2010. Through the service Canal Digital GO, the company offers video on demand (VOD) and Web TV.

The application will be available on different kind of platforms and devices, including mobile: Android and iOS.

With Canal Digital we started the cooperation with a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) project for tablets only. When it appeared to have a promising value Canal Digital decided to expand the product to different platforms what resulted in expanding our partnership.

The project began in 2013. The product that was delivered back then is now the base of current application. We have also optimized Chrome Cast for Set Top Box solutions.