What are FAST channels

What Are FAST Channels?

What are the benefits of launching a FAST channel and how to lunch one?

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What Is Video Transcoding and Why Is It Important?

Among the many different terms thrown around in media streaming technology, transcoding is probably one of the most important concepts.

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What's a CDN?

What’s a CDN and Does Your OTT Streaming Platform Need it?

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a piece of technology which ensures the fast distribution of video content across the globe...

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How Does the Media Industry Change During Pandemic?

The article describes how coronavirus and isolation impact on consumption of streaming platforms, OTT, and television (media industry).

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IPTV In a Nutshell

If you haven’t heard of IPTV before, chances are you probably will – or you are already using some incarnation of it without even knowing.

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How Streaming Affects climate Change

Would You Rather Quit Beef for Life or Never Watch Netflix Again?

“Streaming pollution” drama has gotten a little out of hand, as quick fact checking reveals the evidence to support the argument is a little flimsy.

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Viewing habits during pandemic

Lockdown Streaming – How The Virus Shapes Viewing Habits

The viewing habits differ from generation to generation, so addressing the members of generations X, Y and Z takes more strategic approach.

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Video piracy

How Streaming Video Providers Fight Against Piracy

In combating streaming piracy, service providers need all hands-on deck to make sure content is secured end-to-end. It seems they're getting closer each day

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BSG i Politechnika Warszawska

Automatic Content Enrichment – Artificial Intelligence in Video

We develop this innovative solution to allow all video broadcasters of video content to more accurately match the advertising.

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COVID19 and the OTT industry

How COVID-19 might influence on the OTT industry

It is very possible, that COVID-19 will influence on the OTT industry. It is connected with the locked down of the society.

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