Multiscreen TV market sees PlayBetter advantages

The world of digital television has its own specifics and market demands. Mainly in the areas of media consumption and technology. All end-users demand for fresh, interactive TV experience. Multiscreening means a number of screens operating simultaneously. As video moved to digital formats, content began to stream across IP networks. TV viewers 2016 demand a seamless way to consume any digital content. On any screen – smartphone, tablet, laptop. And anywhere: at home, at work, outside. Consumers want to have a social experience while watching TV and chosen video programs. They’re still looking for personalized and rich experience across their devices.

Multiscreen video platforms and dedicated solutions enable operators and telcos to reach more subscribers, devices, and just money with cost-effective video services. An excellent example of this type of solution is PlayBetter. Flagship product of Better Software Group which brings a complete client platform to build and manage customizable TV/VOD applications that fit all expectations.

PlayBetter, in some basic words, is a complete Multiscreen TV ecosystem. Allowing for seamless end-to-end integration, content preparation, content distribution. It’s established engine to deliver TV and VOD applications. Fast, optimally cost-effective, efficiently.


There are no restrictions on the PlayBetter usage. It’s a comprehensive platform. Ready to be used by TV market players such as:

  • Online TV Providers (Telco’s, Broadcasters, Media Companies)
  • Other Media Companies with video/streaming scenarios
  • OTT Vendors and Service Providers with the OTT platform but no in-house solution for client applications

Operators, TV producers, broadcasters can quickly implement SDK for iOS, Android, Web, Smart TV to build tailored and custom-designed applications. It comes with defined and streamlined integration with the OTT Backend Systems. Established integration points to connect the apps with the backend OTT system, which secures:

  • Assets/Catalogue Management
  • Content Orchestration & Recommendations
  • Accounts & Payments

This solution is ready to fit into existing infrastructures. It can be quickly adapted even for future requirements at low expenses. PlayBetter meet the demand for new functionalities, content quality, technological support. Key features are:

  • Visual Designer for complete UI experience
  • App Deployment Manager – build and packaging tool to streamline app submission and deployment process
  • Predefined integration with core external components
  • Built-in Application Version control system which track back historic changes and trends in regards to install base
  • Automated app publishing and updating workflow
  • App change management ready to use without unnessesary resubmission and redeployment

According to the Ovum research, Multiscreen is rapidly becoming the everyday norm. Pay-TV players need to invest in online and first of all mobile audience-tracking and advert experience. Currently one can use a completely different analytical indicators than before. This will enable to effectively aggregate audience (millenials especially) and target content across all distribution platforms and media types. Broadcasters, on the other side, should position themselves to ensure that they have access to audience consumption metrics and reap the benefits in terms of content commisioning and KPI’s targetting. Technology companies are obliged to understand the new types and data models becoming available. They should also know how to utilize this data for better content targetting and other benefits.

Photo and graphics: AdWeek, Better Software Group