Digital media landscape evolution 2017

It is no secret. We in Better Software Group  have an obsession with digital media, innovative publishing, interactive mobile applications. We monitor market with great attention. The digital media market is changing every quarter, even month. It is difficult to disagree with the thesis presented in The Guardian pages. It says that programmatic advertising has eased some pressures on online publishers, but the model favours websites with huge scale rather than brands with smaller, targeted audiences. First of all, Google and Facebook have become a duopoly in digital advertising.

Companies that want to function in new realities must have a good idea and effective business model. One good solution is diversification. An important issue is technology and tools. Let’s look at ReadBetter ( It’s highly rated by experts, tailored and custom-designed press tool for multiple devices and screens.

read better

Picture 1: Raed Better screen

It is worth to look at trends on the Internet. The online universe will see lots of development focus on privacy concerns, real-time content and UX in order to attract those of the growing subset of consumers known as millennials. You can safely risk the tesis, that real-time content and UX experience get an increase in focus. Simply – are everything for the modern, demanding user.

Two spectacular examples. Dennis Publishing, which publishes more than 35 magazines and websites, is a media company that recognised these challenges and has invested in product diversification, growing its revenue from £59m in 2009 to £93m in 2016. 10 years ago, The Economist, the weekly news magazine has been suffering strong decline in advertising revenues for sometime now, including a drop from £83m to £76m last year. The Economist’s owners have made an investment in growing its global circulation. It stood at an average of 1,459,929 per issue in the 2016. With 95% of figure paid-for sales, more people now pay for the magazine than at any stage in its 173-year history.

You should think about one thought.  Business Insider CEO Henry Blodget  said: „We are working in a medium, along with all of the other digital folks, in which you can tell stories in four different ways: words, pictures, video, audio. All of those will continue to grow for the next several decades. The digital media industry is just now hitting its stride”.


Source: The Guardian, Business Insider, RevenueRiver