Better Software Group is proud to announce its consideration as a top Polish App Developer by Clutch! The ratings and review firm identified market leaders in many categories based on comprehensive analysis of the industry, company, and services offered.  To be considered a market leader by Clutch is a great accomplishment because it shows we have had a successful track record in the past. Clutch offers a sense of transparency to its users through the publicly accessible client reviews it publishes on company profiles, equipping firms with the information they need to make better business decisions.

In addition to being listed on Clutch, their sister website, The Manifest, included Better Software Group on the list of top user experience companies in Poland! We couldn’t have reached this point without the help of our clients, who provide us with the insight we need to improve our service offerings. For that reason, we would like to share some of the reviews that our clients left with Clutch:


“BSG has shown a lot of drive, willingness, and dedication. They’re fully invested in our project.”


“We found it easy to discuss software, and they delivered a high-quality work product.”


“They pushed our internal team to compete on the timeline; they delivered on time, and so we delivered on time too.”


We would like to give a big shout out to those companies who took the time to interview with Clutch! Without you all, we wouldn’t be in the position we are today.


Thanks to our partnership with Clutch, we can better analyze our competition by using their platform. Furthermore, the access to client testimonials provides us with the data we need to grow as a firm. As we continue to grow our Clutch profile, we will strive to maintain our position as a leading B2B service provider.