Better Software Group launches OTT web management tool for Apple TV

Apple TV is a media player produced by Apple. It’s multimedia device for streaming TV applications available on the iTunes: music, videos, photos, sports and entertainment broadcasts. The device gives you the option of direct access to YouTube and Vimeo. The first version appeared in 2007. Currently available is a version of the Apple TV 4, Apple Remote controller included.

Better Software Group is undisputed TV app leader and specialist. Company just announced implementation of PlayBetter ( platform – web management tool to define, publish and develop applications dedicated for multiple devices. PlayBetter is one of the flagship products in company’s portfolio. It’s a comprehensive solution for TV, VOD, video companies to manage consumer experience accesing video content from multiple screens and devices. Solution that comes with pre-defined integration to other business critical backend systems that can help you manage not only what consumers see but how they access content on the devices like Apple TV

Foto 1: Apple TV (Apple)

Bartłomiej Lozia, Better Software Group CEO explains: „We utilized our unique, dedicated competences in iOS mobile and video apps development. Dedicated solution for Apple TV is a result of advanced knowledge, experience of our development team. PlayBetter is a first of this type platform in Poland, one of the first on a global scale. It’s totally new way to deliver consistent customizable TV experience on multiple platforms. We will demonstrate PlayBetter at the 2016 International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam, 8-13th September 2016”.


Foto 2: Bartłomiej Lozia, Better Software Group CEO

OTT services are booming globally as consumers flock to connected devices for multimedia content. This market creates opportunity of nearly $65 billion over the next five years, as analysts say.

Apple TV is a form of attachment, which allows streaming content data on the display device (TV, smartphone, tablet or PC). One major problem in the setup is the lack of support for the image in the frequency of 4K. Extensive feature is pilot (controller), which includes: gyroscope, accelerometer, Bluetooth and Siri voice search option. Unfortunately, Siri is not available in all countries. According to sales figures revealed by market research firm Parks Associates, 2015 was a and 2016 can be hit and miss year for Apple. With its Apple TV box, the brand did at least manage to sell twice as many Apple TV boxes over the year as it did in 2014, acoording to the Forbes magazine.


Foto 3: Apple TV set box (Apple)

About Better Software Group:

Better Software Group is an international company headquartered in Poland. We are experienced 60+ employees software development and integration services firm. With a huge global customer base. We work for 6 countries on 2 continents. BSG core strenghts are: professional development, highest quality, advanced project management, dedicated communication. The sample list of broadcasters and media companies who choose Better Software Group: Bonnier, Meritum Bank, Microsoft, Nokia, Polska Press Group, Unit4, Agora, Meritum Bank, XStream.