Better Software Group announces innovative OTT solution for NVidia Shield

Better Software Group, leading global  innovator in premium video software, Smart TV, VOD, mobile apps development  introduced PlayBetter ( – dedicated solution for NVidia Shield platform. It’s turnkey OTT app project based on video and mobile entertainment experience. PlayBetter brings complete client platform to build and complex manage customizable TV/ VOD applications offered by NVidia Shield enviroment. It’s a kind of engine to deliver Android TV and VOD applications. Platform offers all users dedicated SDK for Android, Web, Smart TV is really build tailored and custom-designed applications, backed by the OTT systems.  Better Software Group has demonstrated PlayBetter at the 2016 International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam.


NVidia Shield acts prestigious role in the ecosystem of Android TV. First of all, it offers a whole range of possibilities as a console TV. When connected to the screen, we have access to the stream quality 4k HDR (High Dynamic Range). With the service GeForce NOW, the console takes us into the world of games and the best entertainment services. Products divided into thematic categories can be directly downloaded using platform: Among the hits such titles as: Resident Evil, Star Wars, Need for Speed and many, many others.

Using NVidia Shield and PlayBetter platform you can move in a completely different dimension of home entertainment. It’s not only TV. In mainstream media, services Nvidia Shield console is defined as the best device in the all Android TV Box family.

A few words about Android TV. Google fights strongly for TV market. Previously implemented the Google TV and Chromecast, which acts as a support snap for television. Android TV is a great commercial success. Each month it generates more and more traffic plus loyal active users. Android TV is installed on the smart devices of such brands like Sony, Philips, Sharp, Grundig. An interface is extremely friendly and functional. The real advantage is full integration and direct access to Google Play applications.

NVidia Shield is a jewel for lovers of good cinema and TV production: top movies, worldwide known series. User NVidia Shield you has direct access to a wide range of entertainment services aggregated on Google Play platform: Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, RedBull TV, Onet VOD. The full list is of course much higher.

On the market there are many devices that support Smart TV. But NVidia Shield in cooperation with PlayBetter, thanks to its functionalities, takes the place of the leader. Great advantage, among other things, there is a Chromecast service and the option of direct transfer to your TV. An interesting option is the ability to quickly search across applications Google Play Music, Google Play Movies or Amazon Instant Video. Not to mention the great, increasing number of applications. Each player has access to cloud gaming service. It’s important if you do not want to collect data on your own devices.

NVidia Shield is a multimedia device so it must therefore be efficient and fast work. This is possible thanks to 4-core, 64-bit processor and disk capacity of 16 GB / 500 GB. Thanks to the solution NAS (Network Attached Storage) of NVidia, you can upload your own collection of music, photos, private video, movies.  A convenient solution is default installation of Plex application.  It allows you to stream music, photos or videos from the Nvidia console on any screen – regardless of where we are. Thanks to the implemented technology, the console acts as a true multimedia monster.