Apple TV directions and predictions

Last years, market war between AppStore and Google Play caused a complete changes of digital content distribution. First, the revolution has passed the music enviroment. Now changes passes television and movie productions and industry. With the next VOD platforms, SmartTV applications for smartphones and tablets, a whole new ecosystem has been created. Google does well with Android TV. NVidia Shield console sells well. What moves will do in the near future TV OS with its flagship Apple TV?

For the record. Apple TV is a media player produced by Apple. It’s multimedia device for streaming TV applications available on the iTunes: music, videos, photos, sports and entertainment broadcasts. The device gives you the option of direct access to YouTube and Vimeo. The first version appeared in 2007. Currently available is a version of the Apple TV 4, Apple Remote controller included.

It is worth saying that there are some advanced, dedicated systems ready  to integrate and work well with Apple TV. PlayBetter by Better Software Group ( is worth special attention.

Apple TV is not fully independent multimedia device. This is form of attachment, which allows streaming content data on the display device (TV, smartphone, tablet or PC). One major problem in the setup is the lack of support for the image in the frequency of 4K. Extensive feature is  pilot (controller), which includes: gyroscope, accelerometer, Bluetooth and Siri voice search option. Unfortunately, Siri is not available in all countries.

To put it mildly, Apple TV does not take good reviews. Looking at the possibilities offered by Android TV, integrated with devices Smart TV or console NVidia Shield, loses at the start. Apple must fight. Tim Cook announced a few days ago, the introduction of Apple TV generation 5th. Revolutionary changes will come (probably) at the end of 2016. Some analysts say that the implementation will come in 2017. The company traditionally does not reveal the details. Rumors say that will be introduced dedicated Apple TV 5 Guide showing you the opportunities offered by advanced software. The second issue: improved interface to be more friendly and functional for multimedia content developers, providers

Surely Apple has to overcome several barriers if  wants to have a strong position on  TV market. Apple can not be the TV market monopolist, as was previously planned. It can not be an agreement with cable operators signed. Operators are not interested in exclusive Apple TV offer. The next few months will show what company has to present their users and multimedia sectors.

Foto: Apple