Smart TV systems and apps 2017

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What’s the definition of digital TV?

In simply words it means a television broadcasting technology in which signals are transmitted as a sequence of binary numbers.  Smart TV, in turn,  is a digital television which is Internet enabled. It’s mainly used for entertainment: movies, sport, lifestyle, music… Smart TVs are manufactured with dedicated inbuilt functionalities. Traditional TVs can also be made smart through the use of set top boxes with advanced features.

According to the TechMarket, a smart TV is a digital television that is an Internet-connected, storage-aware computer specialized for entertainment. All smart TVs support funcionalities like: Wifi, USB, Bluetooth, flash memory cards taken from digital cameras. They are connected via coaxial cable, HDMI, audio-video connections. They are integrated  with the OS (operational systems, f.e. iOS, Android) and mobile apps. All the connections enable to use on demand video services (VOD) and full access to digital content: pictures, music, video, entertainment braodcasts. Smart TV apps allow connection to the most popular global video websites: Youtube, Netflix, Hulu or Vimeo.

Looking from the technological side, for Internet connectivity, smart TVs use Ethernet or WiFi. Bluetooth and memory cards are used to transfer all needed media. Technically, there are 18 different resolution formats available for digital TV broadcasting, approved by the Advanced Standards Television Committee (ATSC), and all Digital TV tuners are required to decode all 18 formats, the practical application of DTV broadcasting has come down to 3 resolution formats: 480p, 720p, and 1080i.

Smart TVs are used with smart TVs apps. These apps offer the user different possibilities to access different multimedia.Examples of the apps that can be accessed by using the smart TVs are Netflix, Pandora, Skype, YouTube, Spotify. Well known brands that manufacture smart TVs are: LG, Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba, Philips. Below selected examples of app systems.

LG Smart TV

The LG smart TV runs on the WebOS technology. The remote offers point and click, making menu navigation easy. The WebOS platform is attractive to the eye and provides an easy user interface. The TV offers easy USB playback due to the fast operating system it runs on. Opening photos and videos is seamless and they run without delaying or stuttering.

Samsung Smart Hub

Samsung smart TV uses the Tizen OS platform. This OS interface monitors your viewing activity and suggests other stuff that the user might be interested in. The interface provides a shortcut of frequently used services and apps.

The smart hub pages have been arranged in a way that is easy to access. They are grouped into Samsung apps, multimedia, films and TVs shows and a games hub page. Each of the hub pages gives further options and subcategories giving the user more content.

Panasonic Firefox

Panasonic re-designed their online system to Mozilla’s Firefox system particularly designed for TV. The key features for the new Panasonic smart TV are its intuitive and customizable home screens which allows getting shortcuts to your home screen with off course wide variety of Apps such Netflix, Amazon Instant, Accuweather, FreeviewPlay, etc. Another feature of Firefox TV is the Info Frame (clicking on the Home button) brings up four colour bar and text based links giving you easy and quick access to the recently used icons.

Sony Entertainment Network

The key features of the Sony smart TV are excellent interaction with android systems, large volumes of apps, 16GB internal storage and android apps specifically built for TV.The functionality of the Sony smart TV combines three major elements, Youview, Android TV and Sony personalised discovery channel. The TV also works with the Sideview app from Sony

Philips Smart TV

The Phillips TV provides support for more than 50 apps, Netflix, BBC sport, BBC iPlayer, YouTube and Blinkbox support.

The menu design is high resolution which is captivating to the user. It comes with four 20 watt speakers which is more than any other speaker system being offered by the other smart TVs.


Graphic: Atibaiacconnection

Source: Topuptv, LifeWire