Orange Reading Room mobile app

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the effect of the hard, 4 months work of Better Software Group team. The Orange Reading Room is a smart mobile app with an intuitive audiobook player. Portfolio contains 20000 eBooks, 350 press titles, 2700 audiobooks. Within the reach of new releases, bestsellers, electronic publications at promotional prices. The strategic partner of the project is the bookshop.

czytelnia orange better software group

Orange Reading Room mobile app allows, among others, to purchase single press titles or automatically renewable subscription that can be turned off at any time. All users can enjoy an intuitive audiobook that allows to listen to all audiobooks directly after purchase. All purchased titles are available from the application on the virtual client shelf. At any time, they can be downloaded and saved to users devices.

Orange Reading Room allows you also to easily sending ebooks to Kindle readers with just one click. Customers who have previously used other bookstores can add purchased files to their Orange Reading Book account.

Link to download the application Orange Reading Room (Google Play):

Graphics: Orange