Why measure energy performance?

In our modern world, we take a lot of things for granted, and electrical power is one of them. But why pay a little more if you can pay a little less? And more importantly, why not take the opportunity to improve the welfare of our planet – and try out a new technology at the same time?

A mobile app and cloud system called ACE (Advanced Connected Energy), created by Swedish battery and power solution giant NorthStar, is one of the applications changing the way we think about conserving energy. ACE, which allows its users to access energy usage data practically anytime and from anywhere has, unsurprisingly, contributed to both a decrease in the amount of electrical energy consumed by individuals and companies using it, as well as increased battery life in devices whose energy consumption was managed better. The average person needs more and more energy just to live a 21st century lifestyle, and this is still just a fraction of how much an entire household or office needs to function at the level we have grown to expect. Tech companies like NorthStar intend on reducing those amounts as much as possible – at present, it is estimated that NorthStar’s solution could save the United States alone up to 700 million dollars a year.

How it works

Every energy management system will be different, but the main component behind all of them is either a smart grid or home network used to integrate numerous devices, and sensors are used to track the energy consumption of each appliance and device. Conventional wired and wireless communication interfaces such as Ethernet and bluetooth could be used for the home network.

Energy managements systems get both simple and complex jobs done

Anyone who has ever spent the morning anxiously wondering whether they had in fact unplugged the iron or closed all the windows before leaving the house should easily be able to see how having the ability to control the flow of power to different parts of their home remotely could be a lifesaver. If you have an office building, on the other hand, energy management systems could be used to determine what the most cost-effective and eco-friendly ways to consume energy are for your particular business, or which pieces of equipment are antiquated and in need of replacement. And being able to instantaneously “unplug” rooms full of expensive equipment during a thunderstorm would be a load off for any business owner.

Who are mobile energy management systems for?

It seems doubtless that energy management systems are an integral part of both the home and the business of the future, and the near future at that. By giving their users detailed knowledge on just how much energy they consume and what they could do to consume it more effectively, as well as the power to control precisely which appliances run and when, power solution providers such as the aforementioned NorthStar, Nexo, AccuBattery and others are making needed progress in the area of energy consumption.