Digital content monetization landscape 2017

It’s great believe that some of the top trends of 2016 will continue to affect how we do digital business this year. What does digital media content and general landscape looks like in 2017? Looking at the industry today, as analytics from PWC claim,  it’s clear that the first wave of the digital revolution is already underway, as the sector integrates digital into the conventional media operating model. Some of the most successful new media players are those who’ve challenged established business models. Mainstream media, technology and telecoms operators are investing in content and harnessing their huge customer bases and analytic fire power, as are some big brands too.

Digital content is one of the most consumed virtual goods in the online enviroment. Media and consumers realize that, regardless of the platform, content is valuable and there are costs involved. Monetizing digital content is hardly a new challenge. But there are a dozen of strategies and solutions for implementation. Just look at Better Media Suit ( Unique cloud-based, app building platform allowing content providers to create, centrally manage, monetize and analize apps across any device. It has build tailored and custom-designed press experience for multiple devices and screens. This platform can really improve  or even completely modify the look and feel of any video, newspapaper, magazine apps in real-time. Without requiring to install updates.

better media suit


Some predictions

The online universe will see lots of development focus on privacy concerns, real-time content and UX in order to attract those of the growing subset of consumers known as millennials. According to the MillwardBrown predictions, In 2017, successful marketers will innovate to build better brand experiences and connected consumer journeys that are less intrusive, and they will focus on developing engaging content that discourages ad blocking. Brands will also focus on programmatic targeting and cross media placements that work together to drive synergies and deliver ROI.

Millenials, Gen Z…

Just a glimpse at millennials digital market. In particular, want to be delighted with personalized cross-channel experiences that seamlessly allow them to not only research, buy and obtain but that also allow them to contact customer service or return any items they do not want. It is estimated that millennials will account for $200 billion of buying power in 2017 which means this is an important aspect for online businesses. Marketers must develop creative content that appeals to the imagination and emotions of the Gen Z consumer if they want to be accepted by this key group, who number a staggering 2 billion people worldwide – approximately 27% of the world’s population was born between 1997 and 2011.

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